Industrial Pollution


The operation of certain industrial processes have the capacity to pollute the air around us and are consequently regulated by Local Authorities under a strict Licensing regime in accordance with the Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999. The requirements covers a broad range of new and existing industrial processes. The Technical Pollution Team of WRS undertakes this service for many local authorities.

There are three levels of control:

  • Part A1 Controlled by the Environment Agency
  • Part A2 Controlled by Worcestershire Regulatory Services**
  • Part B Controlled by Worcestershire Regulatory Services


For specific information on these controls visit the DEFRA website.

When a Permit is granted, the technical services section will issue a Permit that places conditions and control measures to minimise the emission of pollutants. This may include requirements for:

  • pollution control equipment (equipment used to remove or reduce pollution to the environment)
  • reduce or eliminate the use of harmful substances and chemicals that are damaging to the environment
  • routine monitoring (conducted by permit holder)
  • prescribe the heights of chimneys
  • conditions monitored by regular visits and inspections
  • other measures designed to make emissions harmless to the environment.

  • Animal and plant processing
  • Printing processes
  • painting and coating processes
  • Ceramics and glass manufacturing industries
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing and manufacture
  • Timber working and preservation industries
  • Cement and lime industries
  • Combusion and waste incineration activities
  • Chemical industries
  • Minerals industries

Due to the complexity of regulation it is recommended that potential applicants contact the technical pollution team to discuss their requirements. There is currently no charge for this service and it is offered on an informal basis.

If you are certain of your regulatory responsibilities or have applied for permits previously forms are available below. Once complete you can email your application to (Please note that there is an accompanying fee with every  application which is payable to the local authority that you pay your business rates NOT Regulatory Services). The fee structure for permitting is published and set by DEFRA follow the link for a copy of the latest tariff.

Simple permits issued to low risk processes are normally completed within 30 days on average however part B and A2 processes may take longer dependent on complexity and the level of information required to process the application. Once the application is made an officer of the technical pollution team will be allocated to you who will advise on the process.

Once a permit is granted to the operator a copy is placed on the Public Register. A list of permitted processes along with the contraventions and offences register for Worcestershire is available (Last updated 11 January 2022). Should you wish to view a permit in detail, please contact the Technical Pollution team.

Some new permit applications are subject to a public consultation process. Replies to this consultation can be submitted to Regulatory Services by contacting us on