Gull Problems

Many people find gulls to be a nuisance for a number of reasons with the main ones:

  • Noise from raucous calls and squabbling
  • Mess caused by their droppings fouling clothes, cars, gardens, people and walkways
  • Litter strewn from bins as they scavenge
  • Damage to property and corrosion of vehicles and attacks on people and pets

Local Authorities have no statutory duty to take action against gulls, but recognise the role they can take in trying to help communities deal with the impact gull colonies cause in town centres during the nesting season which occurs between April - July. For more information on what Worcester City Council working with WRS have done to date and propose to do follow this link to our Gull Control in Worcester City web page. However, there are limitations on what action can be taken.

A licence issued by Natural England is required if you wish to disturb the nest of a Herring or Lesser Black-backed gull. If you are affected by gulls and would like to register your interest for inclusion in our egg replacement work or require advice concerning gulls on your property please complete our Trial Programme form.

In support of our licence application to undertake egg replacement in the City we would welcome evidence of the following using the forms via the links below:

Follow the link to our Protecting your Property web page for more information on what you can do to reduce the impact the gull population has on you, your home and/or business.