Gull Control in Worcester City

WRS provides support to Worcester City Council in their work concerning gulls. The following measures agreed at Worcester City Council’s Environment Committee (29th October 2019) are proposed to be taken for the 2020 breeding season:

  • Undertake a benchmarking exercise to identify best practice and provide evidence on the effectiveness of gull control measures.
  • Undertake a population survey to identify the locations in the city gulls are using to breed and help inform gull control measures in the future.
  • Undertake a behaviour study to provide more information on the birds frequenting our city to inform the gull control measures in the future.
  • To assess the benefits of hawk flying on deterring gulls from nesting and successfully breeding.
  • To provide support for the 'Gull Forum' together with Worcester BID and the City Council with the aim of sharing best practice and targeting action amongst businesses and residents in the city.
  • Provision of advice to businesses, organisations, landlords and tenants on how to minimise the negative impact of gulls perching or nesting on your property. Click here for more information on what can be done to your existing property or contact the officer responsible for gull control via
  • Management of the existing egg replacement gull control work and identification of any flat and accessible rooves with nests that can be included. As the approved preferred contractor, Red Kite Pest Control undertake egg replacement work in the inner city centre areas where large numbers of gulls have traditionally nested on rooves that are easily accessible.
  • Facilitate access were possible to hard to treat nests to include in the egg replacement programme.
    WRS, in conjunction with Red Kite Pest Control and others, will be considering additional rooves that may be considered for inclusion in an expanded zone of treatment within the City.
  • Work towards adoption of the previously drafted planning advice in the form of a supplementary planning document.
  • Production of an annual report on gull control measures undertaken and those proposed for 2021.
    Promotion of responsible behaviours to discourage gulls from breeding in the city. This is part of an ongoing campaign launched by the Council to include providing advice to the public and businesses. WRS will contribute to assisting with suitable advice and promotion.

To find out more about the egg replacement work and whether your property may be suitable to be included in this service, follow this link to our Protecting your Property page.

Follow this link for the 2020 Gull Population Survey. (This file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. Follow the link about how to request it in an accessible format.)


Gull Forum

Further information about Worcester City Gull Forum: