Worcestershire Regulatory Services (WRS) receive over 6000 service requests a year. Over 30% of those requests are noise complaints which fall into two main categories:

  • Domestic noise complaints (loud music, barking dogs, DIY, etc.)
  • Commercial Industrial (fans, manufacturing, entertainment noise, etc.)

Please follow the link for our pages about the Law on Nuisance, and the roles and responsibilities of the council and complainants.

Follow the links below for the 7 steps of noise nuisance investigation, which includes general information, self-help toolkits, example letters, online reporting forms, etc.

7 Steps of Noise Nuisance Investigation:

Step 1 - Informal Engagement
Step 2 - Request WRS Assistance
Step 3 - WRS Investigation
Step 4 - Evidence Gathering
Step 5 - Formal Notice
Step 6 - Evidence Gathering
Step 7 - Prosecution