Step 4 - Evidence Gathering

Should the problem continue following the interventions conducted by WRS officers at Step 3 it will be necessary to gather additional evidence to established whether a noise abatement notice can be justified. This is a collaborative arrangement between WRS and you. Due to the layout of the law on nuisance there is a strong focus on the complainant proving the severity of the problem.

  • Written - officer Witness Statements, Complainant Witness Statement, Diary Sheets.
  • Recorded - Noise monitoring (WRS will provide equipment)
  • Impartial 3rd party - Police Officer statements, Housing Officers etc.

This is a legal document which may be subject to a court appeal (hearing) therefore WRS need to be satisfied that you as the complainant can provide robust evidence in conjunction with impartial evidence collected by WRS officers. Noise abatement notices are subject to the right of appeal. WRS therefore has to be satisfied that it has sufficient evidence to demonstrate to a court that it was justified in serving the notice and that it is a reasonable and proportionate response to the problem.

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