Step 3 - WRS Investigation

Once your complaint has been registered online along with any documents that you have uploaded in support of your complaint eg. diary sheets, sound recordings (from your smart phone), etc. An officer will make contact with you to discuss the matter with you in due course.

The Investigating officer will consider whether further informal action is necessary following contact and may take the following steps:

  • Write to the offending party
  • Request that you keep an accurate diary of the noise (see Alleged Nuisance Diary with instructions how to complete accurately).
  • May visit you and/or the offending party

Please note that the officer will evaluate the severity of the problem based on a number of parameters (see our page on The Law on Nuisance). If they consider that the noise is unlikely to amount to a statutory nuisance they may not progress your complaint any further. In such circumstances the officer will direct you to take you own discretionary action. Information on taking your own action is available on our page on Taking Your Own Legal Action (section 82 advice).

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