Don’t Let your Dog Get Hot Under the Collar this Summer

Most people have heard the warnings about dogs dying in hot cars but still many dogs become distressed and even die during hot weather each year due to being left in cars. The weather is often unpredictable and summer temperatures are rising each year.


  • Within 10 minutes the temperature of a parked car can reach double that of outside the car.
  • If the air conditioning has been on during the journey the temperature of the car can reach that of outside within five minutes.
  • Leaving air conditioning on in an unattended car is not recommended as modern cars shut this off after a short time and dogs have died due to the system blowing hot air into the car.
  • Leaving a window open makes little difference to the car temperature and a bowl of water in a car can exacerbate the situation as it reduces the dogs ability to pant effectively (to get rid of excess moisture in to the air as a way of cooling down).
  • All dogs can suffer from heatstroke but the very young/old, long haired and short nosed varieties often suffer the most. Don’t leave a dog unattended in a car, not even for five minutes, which can be all it takes to put your dog in danger.

If you do leave your dog in a car and it appears in distress, your car can be broken into to release the dog, the dog could be removed from your care permanently and it can be considered as animal cruelty. This is punishable under The Animal Welfare Act 2006 by up to a £20,000 fine and one year in prison.