Dog Straying Guide

Unsupervised dogs are a hazard. They can cause a danger to traffic, they may foul, they may attack people or other animals and they may also get injured or killed themselves. Dog owners can be fined if their dogs are picked up by our Dog Wardens and they can be prosecuted by the Police if their dogs cause a road traffic accident. The Police can also get involved if a dog displays aggressive behaviour to a human or it attacks livestock. However, if a dog attacks someone else’s pet (such as another dog or a cat) then this would be a civil matter between the animals’ owners.

Further information:

Dog owners are legally required to ensure that their dog wears a collar with an identity tag detailing the owner’s name, address and telephone number. Whilst microchips are also an excellent idea in case a dog loses its collar or if the dog is stolen, they are only useful to someone with a scanner that detects them, whereas a tag on collar can be read by anyone assisting owners in getting their pet back much quicker. The Micro-chipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015 states that all dogs 8 weeks and over must be micro-chipped with some exceptions (see legislation), so a pet owner can be fined for not putting a collar and tag on their pet, even if it has been micro-chipped.

Our dog wardens can seize any dog that is out in a public place without an owner. Such dogs are classed as ‘strays’. We can also collect strays that have been contained by a member of the public on private premises.

In most cases dogs seized or collected by the Dog Warden will be taken to the kennels used by the Council to board our strays. If the dog is micro-chipped or the owner can be identified, all reasonable effort will be taken to contact the owner or serve a notice where applicable. Once at the kennels the dog will remain there for 7 clear days unless claimed by its owner. If the owner does not come forward and the dog can be re-homed, all efforts will be taken to do so.

When the owner is identified, they will be required to go to one of the Councils Contact Centres where the procedure for claiming the dog back is started enabling them to collect their dog.

Between 9.00am to 4.00pm from Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays telephone 01905 822799 and a Dog Warden will attempt to come out as soon as possible. Obviously it can take some time for a Dog Warden to reach the area in question.

Outside office hours, telephone 01905 822799 the HUB will then liaise with the out-of-hours dog warden and arrange for the dog to be collected. Please note, that out of office hours we are unable to collect any uncontained dogs.

If a dog is let out or is able to escape on a regular basis then please contact us on 01905 822799 and tell us about it. We will ask you to keep written records to aid us in our investigation. If you tell us who owns the dog we can also write to them to remind them of their responsibilities. We will seize persistent strays wherever possible.

Contact us on (01905 822799). Our dog wardens can give practical advice on the dog’s home environment and any training that may be required. If you no longer want to keep your dog or are struggling to manage with your dog we can assist you in finding a new home for it.

This is possible, but you must contact us so that we can make all efforts to find the owner. We will complete some paperwork with you, check that you will provide a suitable home and give you any advice you may need with regard to caring for the dog. If we cannot find the owner and they do not come forward, after 31 days the dog becomes legally yours.