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Winter 2018 - Small Waste Incineration Plant (SWIP's)

There is considerable confusion nationally within the combustion sector relating to Schedule 13A small waste incineration plant permitting compliance requirements. WRS are aware that there are a number of companies promoting the installation of SWIP's to small waste operators with a renewable hearing initiative (RHI) subsidy for installation costs. WRS strongly recommend that potential operators/applicants/environmental consultants contact WRS to discuss the compliance requirements of running SWIP's prior to engaging in any contractual arrangements with potential suppliers. Follow this link for a dedicated application form for Schedule 13A processes.

Autumn 2016 -Reporting of non-permitted companies

The majority of business in Worcestershire comply with the law and have an environmental consciousness when it comes to their manufacturing and products. However, there are companies who are avoiding regulation and in doing so are giving themselves an unfair commercial advantage.

In 2015 WRS were informed of a company that were operating a process that WRS had no knowledge of. As a consequence the company had been found out to have been operating at a significant commercial advantage for many years without abatement equipment. The company was prosecuted in the magistrate Court and handed down a fine £14,874 in late 2015.  The company was also required to apply for a permit and invest heavily in abatement equipment. The company is now complying with the same standards as other companies in the County and on a fair footing.

If you aware of any company that you believe may be operating unlawfully you can inform us unanimously either by contacting 01905 822799 or by completing a report form.

30 September 2015 - Defra announcement on Small Waste Oil Burners (SWOB)

If you own a small workshop or garage and opperate a small waste oil burner in accordance with a permit issued to you by WRS or any of the Disctrict Councils in Worcestershire you will need to be aware of the significant changes in law which alter the classification of waste oil burning and makes it subject to controls under the Waste Incieraton Directive from the 31 March 2016 onwards. Due to this reclassification the activity will no longer fall within the category of simplified permits under Part B regulation and will be subject to far stringent controls as a Part A(2) activity. 

How does this affect my business ?

If you continnue to opperate your SWOB on waste oil beyond the 1 April 2016 you will need to apply for a small waste Incineration plant permit. The cost of the application is £3,218 with an annual subsistance fee of £1,384. In addtion to the considerable cost  the  application process is far more complex and additional requirements will be placed on emissions monitoring and opperational control proceudres. We anticipate that the cost of burning waste fuel beyond this date will be financially prohibitive and would discourage businesses from applying for a permit at this point in time. We would also encourage existing permit holders to  enquire about the process of converting their equipment (where possible) to the burning of clean fuels (non waste) such as domestic heating oil or gas.

I'm looking at buying a SWOB to heat my garage what should I do?

We would recommend that you check with the the boiler manufacturers that their equipment can be run on standard (non-waste) heating fuels and install equipment to this effect as the additional cost of conversion and permit application may not be cost effective in light of the imminent changes in regulation.

If you require any further advice please follow the link to our Industrial Pollution & Permitting web page.

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