Bromsgrove Business has Alcohol Licence Revoked due to Illicit Stock and Underage Sales

The shop has lost its licence to sell alcohol (file image) (Image: Getty Images)

A business in Bromsgrove has had its licence to sell alcohol revoked by Sub-Committee due to illicit sales and failure to comply with the conditions of the licence.

UK Mini Market on Worcester Road in Bromsgrove was investigated by the Worcestershire Trading Standards Team. They had uncovered, along with illegal tobacco and cigarettes, that the business was selling age-restricted products to underage members of the public.

Following this, Licensing Officers from Worcestershire Regulatory Services also investigated the premises and uncovered that the business was not complying with the conditions of their licence to sell alcohol.

Sub-committee members met on 14th March 2022 to review the licence and were provided with evidence from Worcestershire County Council’s Trading Standards Team and the Technical Licensing Officer who carried out the inspection. The licence holder for the premise, Sozan Qadir Taha, was also present to provide evidence.

Members of the sub-committee concluded that, considering the evidence, the business would have its alcohol licence revoked as the premises had failed to promote the licensing objectives of both crime and disorder, and of protection of children from harm.

Licensing and Support Services Manager from Worcestershire Regulatory Services, Kiran Lahel, thanked officers and the Trading Standards team for their swift action.

She said: “We will continue to work with and advise licensed businesses to ensure they are operating safely and avoiding future risk of illicit or underage sales.”

The owners can appeal up to 21 days from receipt of decision. In this time, they are still entitled to sell alcohol under the license. They are further permitted to sell alcohol, if they appeal, until the court makes a final decision.

For more information, please visit the Worcestershire Regulatory Services website and social media pages.

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