Private Water Supplies & Hot Weather

It is wise for the 1% of people in the country on a Private Water Supply to be vigilant about their water supply in heat waves. Heat waves inevitably place a higher demand on water supplies and it is wise to be prepared if you are on a private supply.

Private Water Supplies can be varied and water sources can be from groundwater, surface water, springs or a mixture of sources. The Environment Agency and water companies issue advice usually in drought situations that will contain information regarding groundwater levels and river levels that may affect your private water supply. However with increased demand on water supplies you may find some localised issues with some supplies such as spring fed supplies or old wells that are very deep and your supply may become interrupted.

Domestic private supplies should be regularly serviced and maintained and part of that service and maintenance if possible should be checking the source of the water, this is not always possible with some supplies but those wells, boreholes and collecting wells that can be checked safely for depth of water should be inspected to ensure there is adequate supply to meet the premises needs. If it is not possible to check the source of the water be vigilant for any changes in the water supply and ensure a source of bottled water is available at all times should your supply become interrupted at all.

Those commercial companies with private water supplies should ensure that they have a plan in place to cover any interruptions to their supplies and be prepared.

Advice can be sought from the Local Authority and local water company should your supply become insufficient.

Your Local Authority can be found in the Local Authorities Directory

Your local water company can be found in the OFWAT Directory

Further sources of information are:

Drinking Water Inspectorate:
Visit the Drinking Water Inspectorate website, or Tel: 0300 068 6400 or e-mail:

Public Health England:
Any health related issues please contact your local Public Health England office
West Midlands PHE Centre,
6th Floor 5 St Philip's Place Birmingham B3 2PW
Tel: 0844 225 3560 - Option 1

For medical advice or information:
Contact your GP or NHS Direct on 0845 4647 (for 24 hour health advice) or visit the NHS website