Accumulations & Rubbish

Accumulations of Waste

Many people associate vermin with accumulations of waste. Whilst waste such as food waste and accumulations which might provide harbourage could attract rats, an overgrown garden is unlikely to be something that will be investigated, nor would a pile of inert waste such as building material. If you are concerned about the appearance of an untidy premises being detrimental to the amenity of the local area, you should contact your Local District Council planning department.

Vermin Infestations

Worcestershire Regulatory Services (WRS) receives many enquirers regarding the sighting of rats or a rat coming from land or premises. An investigation may be carried out if it is considered that there may be an infestation of rats which is not being dealt with by the relevant land or property owner which may be causing a public health risk. If there is an infestation, WRS may require the land or property owner to provide treatment and/or work to remove harbourage. If you do see rats in your own garden, they may be attracted to bird food, or water in your pond, or even your compost bin. If you keep poultry, birds or other outdoor pets, you should ensure that uneaten food is not left out at the end of the day, that any fallen food is picked up, and that food supplies are stored in pest-proof containers. If you have persistent vermin activity on your land you should arrange for pest control treatment to be carried out. Your local District Council may offer some pest control treatments; further information can be found on our Pest Control pages.

If you believe that an accumulation is attracting rodents and there is evidence of rodent activity in your area please report it to WRS on our Accumulations Reporting form.