Dog Fouling

It is an offence for a dog owner not to clear up after their dog has fouled on any open public land. Districts are patrolled regularly and council's Street Scene wardens can issue an on the spot fine of £75 to any person who fails to clear up after their dog (see below). In certain circumstances we may choose to prosecute the individual instead, and the Courts can impose a maximum fine of £1000.

Further information:

Dog faeces can contain bacteria that can make people sick, or the eggs of the roundworm Toxocara canis. If these are ingested they can make people very ill and the roundworm can cause blindness in children. Dogs should be wormed four times a year. Children should not play around runs/kennels, should always have their hands washed before eating and should be prevented from putting grass in their mouths. Always use separate dishes for your dog and wash them up separately and you should not share food with your dog. However, there are no health risks to you from immediately clearing up after your dog as the eggs of the Toxocara worm take over two weeks to hatch and become active.

Encourage your dog to foul on your property before/after the walk. Always carry something to clear up after your dog. If your dog fouls in a public place then put a bag over your hand and pick it up with your protected hand. Turn the bag inside out around the faeces and tie a knot in the top of the bag. Deposit it in a dog waste bin (if you are not sure where these are, contact us or your Town/Parish Council) or take it home and put it in your dustbin.

If there are areas that are badly fouled, please let the Council’s Street Scene teams know so that they can deal with them. The Council’s Street Scene teams may be able to cleanse public areas that are badly fouled. Please see contact details below.