Worcestershire Regulatory Services officers investigate food complaints involving:

  • Microbial and Chemical contamination - food poisoning, souring, mouldy food
  • Physical contamination (foreign bodies) - hair, glass, metal etc.
  • Food sold or on display past its Use By Date, Mis-described food (food standards)
  • Misleading and incomplete labelling of food

Whilst all complaints are considered fully, not all will result in formal action against a trader. In many cases, advice on proper procedure is all that is necessary to ensure future compliance with legal requirements.

What should I report?

You should contact WRS if you think you have encountered

  • food affected by mould growth
  • food contaminated with foreign matter that is likely to cause significant personal injury (e.g. glass or metal objects)
  • food contaminated by pathogenic (disease-causing) organisms or their toxins
  • food that is not of the quality you would reasonably expect (e.g. lack of meat in a chicken pie)
  • food that is mis-described or presented in a misleading way
  • food that has been adulterated or otherwise debased (e.g. water added to frozen chicken)
  • food that is unlabelled or labelled incorrectly (including the alteration of Use-By / Best Before dates)

If you live within Worcestershire, WRS will act as a first point of contact for complaints about food bought from establishments outside the County.

Making a complaint

If you wish to make a food complaint please contact us using the details in the panel to the left of this one. Please be ready to provide as much information as you can. In particular, we will need to know:

  • the nature of the complaint (mould growth, misdescription etc.)
  • the name and address of the premises where the food was purchased or eaten
  • the date and time the food was purchased or eaten (important when investigating possible food poisoning)
  • for packaged food, whether you still have the labelling available or have a note of information it had on it, for example names and addresses, use by or best before dates and any manufacturer production codes
  • whether you still have the food available for examination or analysis

If you still have the food you should either store it safely in accordance with any storage conditions it has on its packaging, or refrigerate or freeze it as appropriate until contacted by an officer.  Do not freeze food if your complaint is that food described as fresh has been previously frozen as this will prevent its proper analysis.

How to contact us

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